005: Community and Support with Andy Boutte and David Balderston

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We talked about documentation and support on allaboutghost.com and howtoinstallghost.com with the creators: Andy Boutte (who also did QA testing in early days for Ghost) and David Balderston. We touched on building and maintaining a community, their book they wrote with Kezz Bracey and their new site: allghostthemes.com.

Show notes:

  • Issues
    • #2312: Whether to fork showdown / or fix it up. Most probably a fork, some fixes, replacing it later
    • #2148: Adding RPC pings for better SEO
    • #2149: Tag escaping / html
    • #2415: Adding more data to the fixtures (beginner)
    • #2416: Modals (ember)
    • #2417: Notifications (ember)
    • #2418: Popovers (ember)
    • #2347: Pagination in API (discussion)
  • JSON Generator: Cool little utility to create fake json mocks
  • Packt publishing: They are the publishers for Kezz's, Andy's and David's book
  • Ghost forums: for any questions that you can't find the answer to on howtoinstallghost.com or allaboutghost.com